Our Prayer Partners: European Prayer Network (EPN)

This is a list of European Prayer initiatives with whom we have become friends through the years. Most of them have come to the annual meeting of Leaders in Brussels since 2010, named “European Prayer Network”. 

EPN contributed a lot to the Balkan prayer conferences in Skopje/Macedonian 2014 and in Timisoara/Romania in 2015. EPN has also contributed to the beginning of the Canopy initiative. With this list we want to raise interest for the ministries of our friends which have grown in a great variety of different ways serving in the kingdom of our Lord in Europe.

We greatly encourage you as a prayer warrior to take part in one or more of these initiatives of EPN. This makes prayer more of a reality.

  • Abraham Ministries | Werner Woiwode
    We are friends of God and of each other on the basis of John 15:14-17. Abraham Ministries is a member of Prayer for Switzerland and Israel Ministries in Switzerland. We maintain close relationships to other European and international prayer ministries and networks. Description of our ministry: John 2,5: „Do whatever he tells you.“ While following Jesus and listening to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we have grown into a prophetic watchmen’s ministry with prayer and intercession. Therefore we are deeply concerned to have an intimate relationship of love to Jesus Christ, sonship, and sanctification of each individual disciple – as well as a connection with our Jewish roots. In addition, the social aspect of our ministry was expanded by mediating sponsorships and work outreaches in other countries. All of this is under God’s kingdom reign.
  • Aglow Europe
  • 24-7 Prayer Int’l. | Ian Nicolson
  • BLAST (Balkan Loving Apostolic Serving Team) | Franz Lippi
  • Deborah Arise International | June Richards
  • Europe4Christ Kairos Consulting
    Martin Kugler
  • European Coalition for Israel (ECI) | Tomas Sandell
  • European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) | Julia Doxat-Purser
  • European Union of Prayer (EUoP) | Ortwin Schweitzer, Ian Jeal
    We are a movement of national prayer leaders, worship leaders and intercessors for Europe. We meet together twice a year in the countries holding the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union to pray together as Europeans over the issues which concern Europe as a whole. We always link with the Christians of each nation we visit to encourage them and to join them in prayer for their nation and its leaders.
    We seek to share up to date, accurate information about current events and trends in Europe and try to see the bigger picture from God’s perspective to enable us to pray together in unity.
    Because we have met regularly for 11 years, we are a growing family of prayer founded on relationship. Our aim is to have representatives from every European country if possible.
  • FAFCE (Federation of Catholic Family Association in Europe) | Maria Hildingsson
  • House of Prayer for all Nations | Carol Britton
  • International Prayer Council (IPC Europe) | Ian Cole | Ioan Peia
  • Lydia Fellowship
    Lydia Fellowship International seeks to alert, instruct and mobilise Christian women around the world to pray with fasting one day in each calendar month, with a prayer partner or we meet in a small prayer-group: for Church, Community, Country and Nations of the world.
  • Moms in Prayer | Katrin Larsen
  • Operation Capitals of Europe (OCE) | Henning Schikora
  • Schuman Centre | Jeff Fountain
    The Schuman Centre for European Studies promotes biblical perspectives on Europe’s past, present and future to encourage effective engagement in issues facing Europe today.
  • Wächterruf e.V. | Rosemarie Stresemann


Demographic trends, religion and Christian faith in Europe

In our last article, Professor Evert van de Poll looked at the demographic decline in Europe, aggravated by the practice of abortion, and how the population only remains stable due to immigration. In this article Evert will continue reflecting on the demographic changes in our continent and relate them to religion and the Christian faith. His conclusions are very interesting and there is much to pray for! We wish to clarify from our last article that we are not at all against immigration and migrants. They often bring new vitality to our societies. The Bible is clear that foreigners must be treated fairly. “When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not ill-treat them.” Leviticus 19:33 Paul wrote that “all are one in Christ Jesus” Galatians 3:28 However, we are very against the killing of unborn children through abortion. Everyone at Canopy of Prayer wishes you a blessed and fruitful Summer and see you in September!