This part is the outstanding feature of this website: here the family of Europe becomes real to us.

  1. You will find information about the “Canopy of Prayer” in many national languages which are spoken or understood in 15 countries of Europe. In every nation there is a national coordinator, who you can contact on the bottom of the page. He oder she can answer questions in the language of that country. Besides general information you will also find a translation of the Canopy Prayer Letters on some of the language sites.

  2. If we now pray for Europe, we can of course do that in our national prayer networks, but we achieve another level of power and authority if we step up to the level of Europe and thus gain a different perspective. This happens every time we join together from the countries of Europe, either locally in prayer conferences, or spiritually when we join in prayer at certain times.
 Out of this spiritual insight we endeavour to build up this Canopy of Prayer from all over Europe. In this growing group let us therefore exercise our authority as a spiritual army of the Lord, to use another picture. We proclaim Jesus to be the Lord over our continent. He is the victor! Therefore we rise up against spiritual fortresses in prayer.


Demographic trends, religion and Christian faith in Europe

In our last article, Professor Evert van de Poll looked at the demographic decline in Europe, aggravated by the practice of abortion, and how the population only remains stable due to immigration. In this article Evert will continue reflecting on the demographic changes in our continent and relate them to religion and the Christian faith. His conclusions are very interesting and there is much to pray for! We wish to clarify from our last article that we are not at all against immigration and migrants. They often bring new vitality to our societies. The Bible is clear that foreigners must be treated fairly. “When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not ill-treat them.” Leviticus 19:33 Paul wrote that “all are one in Christ Jesus” Galatians 3:28 However, we are very against the killing of unborn children through abortion. Everyone at Canopy of Prayer wishes you a blessed and fruitful Summer and see you in September!