About Us

We are Christians from many European countries, working together to pray regularly for our continent, regardless of our denominations. We do not pray only for our own countries or only for the EU nations but for the whole continent in which God has placed us and given us authority in prayer.

Since 2006 we have come together as the “European Union of Prayer“ (EUoP), travelling to those countries which hold the rotating EU presidency for half a year each to pray there with 30-40 people from 12-15 nations. This has increasingly opened our hearts for Europe.

Find out more about the “European Union of Prayer” on our website It was in this group that the Canopy of Prayer initiative started.

The Canopy Team

The Canopy Team consists partly of committee members of EUoP, partly of persons with the gift of writing i.e. committed freelancers.


Searching For Truth

Is it a myth that science and faith are diametrically opposed?