An initiative like “Canopy of Prayer” needs a legal organisation that is behind it and helps it to develop and grow. The “European Union of Prayer” however is not a legal organisation, but only an initiative itself. This role therefore was taken on by the German 24/7 Prayer Network “Waechterruf – Gebetsnetz für Deutschland” (Call of the Watchman).
Just as the “Waechterruf” lives exclusively from donations, the work of “Canopy of Prayer” is also dependent on donations. With your donation, you can contribute to the growth of the canopy across Europe.

The “Waechterruf” is recognized as a non-profit organisation in accordance with German law. For donations you will receive a charitable donation certificate always at the beginning of the following year. Even if the tax deductibility of donations in the various countries of the EU is different, there is a mutual recognition of certificates in the EU: you can claim a tax reduction as if you had donated to a charitable organisation in your own country.

The donation account for Canopy is

Name Waechterruf e.V.
IBAN DE73 6129 0120 0464 0500 06

 Canopy + Name + Adress



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