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“Canopy” as a initiative of the charitable non-profit organization Hebron Europe e.V..

Hebron Europe e.V.
Lüder-Wose-Str. 31
29221 Celle

Telefon: + 49 (0) 7021 9989090
E-Mail: info (at) 

Represented by the Executive Board:

Chairman: Nick Pease
Honorary Chairman: Ortwin Schweitzer
Business Manager: Oliver Stozek

Registered with the register of associations VR 721899 Amtsgericht  Ulm.
Within the scope of § 26 BGB, the association is represented in and out of court by the Chairperson or the Business Manager. These have in each case individual power of representation.


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Europe and Israel

In a time of growing anti-Semitism worldwide, we want to clearly stand on the side of Israel with this first number of the autumn and thus honour the God of Israel and his King, JESUS, the Messiah of the world.