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What is a canopy?

One meaning of “Canopy” is a gold interwoven piece of silk, which can be used as a roof over a royal throne for the glory of the King. And let’s not forget that Jewish couples are married under a canopy (“chuppa”) – what an image of the Bride of Christ in Europe meeting her Beloved Lord and King under this canopy of prayer.

From everywhere people are joining hands:

  • from all the nations of Europe
  • from all denominations, churches and ministries
  • from all age groups whether young or old, male or female.

God encouraged us prophetically to call for more prayer for Europe right now – this is because of the historical point we have come to.

The commitment is very simple, yet we need men and women who are tough and reliable, willing to commit to stand in prayer for Europe, so:

  • if Europe is on your heart
  • if you are willing to pray regularly for Europe every week for 15 minutes, guided by our prayer letter and joining with many others

then, please register and become part of a continuously growing prayer movement. Our vision: 24/7 prayer cover, a real “Canopy” of prayer, intercession and blessing over Europe.

Change always occurs when Christians begin to pray. So “Change in Europe” is the deeper understanding of this initiative. But the deepest motivation for this initiative is the vision that Europe belongs to Christ: “Europe for Christ!” Therefore we believe with many others that “Europe shall be saved”.

We as initiators of the Canopy Prayer are a group of prayer leaders and intercessors from about fifteen European nations meeting regularly to pray for our continent. Our name is therefore “European Union of Prayer”.

We believe in the spiritual calling of our continent and we trust that the move towards a union of its nations in peace was a God given impulse which began after the last war. But it can be maintained only by God’s grace and by the faith, prayer and courage of Christians as the body of Christ in Europe.

For registration

For any comments or questions BESIDES registration please write to: and fill in your countrys name as the subject.