Hebron Europe e.V.  is recognized as a non-profit organisation in accordance with German law. For donations you will receive a charitable donation certificate always at the beginning of the following year. Even if the tax deductibility of donations in the various countries of the EU is different, there is a mutual recognition of certificates in the EU: you can claim a tax reduction as if you had donated to a charitable organisation in your own country.

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Reading the Bible Out Loud at the Geographical Centre of Europe

At the end of June Hebron Europe is organising an event to read the whole Bible out loud at the geographical centre of Europe in Lithuania! We will read from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22 to proclaim that God’s Word is still central to Europe’s future. People will come from Lithuania and other European countries and it will take four days. We really need your prayers, please click to read more and pray for us. Thank you!